Thursday, 25 July 2013

A Random Day of Chaos

We have some visitors coming this weekend and of course they should be staying in the spare room, with bed made, lovely linen, fluffy towels and clean floor.

Unfortunately neither the floor nor bed are visible at the moment.

You know that stockpile of daydreams that just sits quietly in the cupboard waiting patiently for you to come and pick one to work on?.. Well we had a spurt of over-enthusiasm this week and greedily selected more than just one to work with.

So now we'll be setting up a tent in the backyard for our guests...if you're reading this, sorry dudes.

Does everybody have the same random days of chaos (yeah ok, or week) just launch itself upon them? Where no matter how many lists, what kind of pre-planning, or how organised you normally are, you still can't work out how the shampoo got in the fridge and the milk in the shower?

No doubt after a calming glass of chardy, we'll get ourselves sorted out here. But in the mean time I think it's best to focus on a select few. The first of which is a tissue paper wall mobile - that's its current stage on the end of the bed - pink and orange to celebrate the up coming warmer weather of Spring.

We hope that if you happen across one of these random days of chaos at your place, you can take comfort in the fact that you're not alone. Grab a glass of your favourite, kick back and dream on like we do.

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